blob hero-Blob Hero Unlimited Money

blob hero-Blob Hero Unlimited Money
blob hero
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blob hero

Blob is back, and it is mightier than ever!
While Blob uses its arsenal of weaponry, it needs YOU to guide him through the endless waves of evil enemies.
As Blob gains experience through hard fought battles, you decide which skills it learns.
You can create thousands of unique skill combinations to overcome the challenges.
Blob can shoot Blob Balls! Blob can throw Blob Grenades! Blob can cast Blob Magic! And much more! Any kind of attack is possible with your friendly jelly warrior.
If Blob is out of HP, your run will be over. But do not fret! You and your Blob friend can always come back stronger than ever.
Be the savior that Blob Hero needs!

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Download Blob Hero 0.7.91 MOD APK for Android, com.quok.blobHero

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blob hero Blob Hero Unlimited Money

  • Version:0.7.91 _ Size:146.4MB
  • Category:Action _ Publisher:Rollic Games
  • Requirements:Android 6.0+ _ Publish Date:17/08/2022
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